♛Free Fantage Accounts♛


Click here for the Nonmember Accounts


Thank you workers and thank you viewers for supporting and making it possible.


1. Don’t ban any accounts
2. If the accounts are banned, please contact sugarplum8888 @ sugarplumfantagefruity@gmail.com
3. Be nice to the accounts!
4. If you want to donate some accounts just comment it below, or email it to sugarplumfantagefruity@gmail.com if wished to keep private  🙂
5. If someone using the accounts when you want to, it’s not our problem
**Sorry if some are not working -.-


103 thoughts on “♛Free Fantage Accounts♛

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  1. here is an account kk0191 pass:jpbtat0

  2. for every one

  3. i_love_you

    hey guys
    heres an acc with cc im sorry if pass is changed rally sorry Dx i just had a rough day Dx here

    P:member12 i really hope i get a reall rare non Dx

  4. hiya im 12 I swear and I was wondering if anyone had a rare acc or member acc I swear and pinkstardust ppl r saying bad things about u on utube

  5. Coolcat

    hello the acc chloe21604 that wasn’t meant to be up there thats my friends and she never put it up there so can u delete it

  6. here an 3 account user:mj113475 pass:gumball1 user:daniel64170 pass:daniel12 user:prep_pink_rulz
    password:Hamsterz123 ok pre pink rulz first has a capital

  7. heres a free fantage non mem u:starlight9743

  8. max

    i have a boy acc its mem user: max_32123 password: justin12

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